We are incredibly excited to announce that the Tilt-Up Concrete Association has recognized GluDown for our spirit of innovation and contributions to the industry with the Robert Aiken Memorial Award! This distinction is given to a company who “helps move the industry forward, resolve conflicts and challenges, and open new doors for the tilt-up industry.” At GluDown, we pride ourselves on staying in touch with our industry partners and continuing to be on the leading edge of innovation within the tilt-up industry.

Each and every one of our team members thrives on a culture of problem solving and innovation, embodying these qualities and contributing to our success every day. We continuously challenge one another to improve in small ways and are glad it is reflected in our work. We truly want to make a difference in the lives of our customers and help them be as efficient as possible. Through a commitment to high quality standards and ongoing testing, we aim to provide people with the finest adhesive products.

When our company was founded, we never would have imagined this recognition. We are incredibly grateful to every one of our team members for their dedication and hard work and would like to thank those in the industry for supporting us throughout our journey. We will continue striving to improve and hope to do Mr. Robert Aiken, one of the founding fathers of site-cast tilt-up construction, proud.