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We offer advanced construction adhesive solutions for forming, water/frost protection and joint repair.
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GluDown® is sold exclusively through construction supply stores. Find the nearest one.
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GluDown® Adhesive is incredibly versatile and can be used for bonding with a wide range of materials including concrete, fabric, fiberglass, foam, MDF, metal, plastic, rubber and wood.
General Construction

To meet the needs of general construction applications, GluDown Adhesives are perfect for insulation, moisture barriers, expansion joints, general repairs, waterproofing and woodworking.

Waterproofing & Frost

In critical situations requiring water and frost protection, GluDown® Foam Board and Water Proofing Adhesives bond varied materials plus eliminate drilling and nailing with fast application and instant bond strength.

For the specific demands of tilt-up projects, GluDown Adhesives work great with chamfers, formliners, forming brackets, moisture barriers, reveal strips, veneers and weld plates.
Sticky Sheets

Versatile closed-cell polyethylene foam coated with an aggressive adhesive system and designed for adhesion to wood, MDF, concrete and other materials.

Our Mission

GluDown, Inc. was founded with the purpose of providing superior adhesive solutions and expertise to its customers in the construction industry. Today, the company continues that mission by working closely with those customers and its distribution partners to continually develop adhesives that meet specific needs, while improving efficiency and reducing project costs.

Our Promise

GluDown adhesive solutions are designed to help save time and labor, improve the overall quality and reliability of construction projects, and enhance worker health and safety. Their proven performance and versatility offer the perfect choice to meet requirements for high strength, instant tack, fast curing, simplicity of use, and bonding with a wide range of materials.

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