Vudu Bracket

The GluDown Vudu® Bracket was designed to be the most versatile, durable, and problem solving bracket in the market. It is built for forming tilt-up panels from 5 1/2 up to 16 inches, it can be attached using adhesives or fasteners, and it can take a beating in the process.

Discover the Vudu Bracket:

Engineering Innovation for Next-Level Construction

Step into the world of innovation with GluDown as we introduce the Vudu Bracket — a marvel in construction engineering. Want to see for yourself? Witness its remarkable features in action, from contoured edges designed for an easier removal process to truncated fastener points ensuring damage resistance during installation and a flat bottom designed for optimal adhesive application. Engineered with a specialized plastic blend and an adaptable wood channel, the Vudu Bracket sets a new standard for versatility.

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