Protecting below-grade structures from frost and water is a special consideration that requires solutions designed specifically for that application. Water seepage and freeze-thaw cycle cracking are critical concerns that should be taken seriously. It’s no time to cut corners.

Once soil is back in place and landscaping installed, repairs will be costly or even impossible. And selecting the highest performing barrier materials can end up being pointless if they’re damaged during construction.

Among the reasons this process is so important are:

  • Improving comfort in below-grade areas
  • Reducing condensation on interior foundation walls
  • Protecting concrete walls from freeze-thaw cycling

We’re pleased to report that our recently introduced GluDown® Foam Board Adhesive is an excellent solution that avoids drilling and nailing that can easily damage the membrane and drain board which can cause major headaches later.

It’s a high-strength, fast-drying adhesive designed to bond a variety of materials including concrete, polystyrene (EPS), plastics, metal, wood and dimple (irrigation) board. Plus, it won’t attack or cause cavitation in the material itself.

GluDown® Foam Board Adhesive offers other important benefits to help make a project go quicker and easier by providing faster application, lower worker fatigue, higher throughput and less cost than nailing down.

Here are some tips for effectively applying this type of adhesive for below-grade situations:

  • Prepare application surfaces by removing all oil, dirt, dust, etc.
  • With nozzle facing surface, spray at a distance of 8-10 inches, constantly moving the applicator to prevent build-up on substrate
  • For best performance, apply adhesive to both surfaces
  • Use overlapping spray pattern on large surfaces
  • Before bonding surfaces, ensure that the adhesive is dry to the touch (approx. 1-3 minutes)
  • Be aware that temperature and humidity will affect open time
  • Bond substrates by applying heavy pressure to maximize bond strength

GluDown® Foam Board and Waterproofing Adhesive is a versatile solution available in white or high-visibility orange, 13-oz. aerosol cans or 30-lb. canisters, and spray width of 2-8 inches depending on container.

Make sure you have the right adhesive for the job!