We’re excited to share with you our latest innovation in construction adhesives,

WaterGrip® Membrane Adhesive and Primer. It’s a high strength, fast drying, versatile adhesive for bonding a wide range of materials used in waterproofing and other applications.

Selecting the right waterproofing adhesive is a critical decision. No one wants to encounter post-construction problems that can be very costly, if not impossible, to repair. So don’t cut corners. GluDown construction adhesives work in all kinds of environments and avoid damage to materials that are being bonded.

WaterGrip® Membrane Adhesive and Primer is non-flammable, water-based and its roll-on application makes it both fast and easy to tackle the job. When dry (approximately 30 mins), the pressure sensitive adhesive provides aggressive tack for instant bonding of materials. WaterGrip is 50-state compliant and best of all it does not require any costly guns, hoses or other accessories!

Versatility makes it a perfect choice for the safe bonding of materials such as:

  • Foam board
  • Dimple board
  • Air barrier
  • Concrete
  • Membranes (fluid applied, peel and stick)

Using WaterGrip® Membrane Adhesive and Primer is a snap. Just prep surfaces by removing debris, evenly roll on the adhesive taking care not to under or over apply.

What’s the right amount to apply? Enough to still see a bit of the base material through the adhesive without buildup, around 9-11 mils. It’s ready when the color has faded and it’s tacky to the touch, about 30 minutes depending on the environment.

Because WaterGrip stays tacky for over 24 hours, you can apply the adhesive to large areas at one time and not worry about the adhesive losing its grip.

WaterGrip® Membrane Adhesive and Primer is the latest addition to our family of high-performance products. To view information on the full range of GluDown® construction adhesives, click here.