Different construction projects demand different solutions designed to help make your job quicker, easier and safer. We’re dedicated to listening to construction pros and developing solutions that deliver on those criteria.

GluDown® Construction Adhesive in spray form offers a proven and convenient way to ensure bonds are predictably and effectively made in a wide range of applications including tilt-up projects.

Now that same quality and reliability is available in a new format that offers additional flexibility for tilt-up situations in particular – GluDown® Sticky Sheets.

Sticky Sheets offer a quick (no wait time), easy-to-use (just peel and stick) adhesive solution that’s also safe for workers as there are no airborne particles from spraying. Another bonus is that there’s no need for drilling or use of nails which means there’s no need for dust collection. You can stick them just about anywhere from forming brackets and weld plates to foam insulation and other tilt-up materials. They can be cut to size if desired, but stay tuned for more news on that front.

Key features and benefits of Sticky Sheets include:

  • Industrial strength
  • Excellent adhesion to wood, MDF, plastics and concrete
  • Instant bond
  • No slab penetration
  • Resistance to heat, water, weathering, oxidation and UV exposure
  • Special non-yellowing, non-staining water white adhesives for a clean aesthetic appearance

After prepping the surfaces to be bonded, just peel the adhesive backing off, stick in place and apply even pressure. It’s the fast and easy way to ensure reliable bonds wherever you need them.

To see GluDown® Stick Sheets in action, check out the video on our Sticky Sheets products page.

And for details on all GluDown® adhesive products, visit www.gludown.com.